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Merchant cash advance

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Inventory purchasing

How this wholesaler met inventory needs quickly

Credibly helped B.A.B.E Wholesale Co and Two Saved Sisters Boutique connect to financing and meet tight deadlines.

100% recommend Mick Sibinovic! I have 2 companies and he provided both companies with capital and the process was so fast and easy! I’m a lifer for sure and will always be my first call when I need working capital!

- Chellsie, co-founder of B.A.B.E Wholesale Co Google review

From one boutique to a wholesale empire

Two Saved Sisters Boutique was brought to life by Callie and her sister, Chellsie, in 2016. Operating as both an online boutique with physical storefronts, it became a destination for shoppers wanting stylish and affordable clothing.

However, when the 2020 pandemic hit, supply chain disruptions impacted the retailer’s ability to continue sourcing materials. A Statista survey from 2020 revealed that 90% of retail owners reported negative impacts on their businesses due to these supply chain disruptions.

This dilemma left retailers with a dire need to be filled, so Callie took matters into her own hands. She created B.A.B.E Wholesale Co to fill the need for affordable and quality sourcing and manufacturing for other boutiques. What was borne out of necessity has grown to now service over 7,000 boutiques in North America.

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Taking advantage of new growth opportunities

In the retail industry, trade shows present a great opportunity to get in front of buyers. Callie saw an opportunity for B.A.B.E. Wholesale Co to attend and meet potential customers at the show.

This trade show, however, required that businesses have all of their inventory upfront and ready to be sold. Because this amount of inventory was more than how much the business normally needed, Callie looked for financing to help meet this demand. 

Choosing a trustworthy financing partner

As she researched short-term financing providers, Callie came across many that promised lofty financing amounts immediately. However, it was hard to trust these offers when none of the lenders had taken the time to get to know her business or her needs.

Callie then came across Credibly. She chose to work with one of Credibly’s financing experts because of their collaborative approach to the funding process.

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“Mick was great to work with. He was upfront, down to earth, and didn’t give me false hope. I trusted him and he made it easy to work with him.” 

– Callie, founder of B.A.B.E Wholesale Co

Credibly connected Callie to multiple financing products to find the one that fit her business needs, which turned out to be a merchant cash advance. 

She chose to work with Credibly to get financing because of four key reasons:

  1. Positive experience working with financing experts
  2. Ease of application process
  3. Fast access to funds compared to traditional financing sources
  4. Automatic remittances so that no manual scheduling was needed

Making use of business financing

Ultimately, Callie received the funds quickly and sourced the inventory she needed in time for the retail trade show.  

She also found an additional opportunity to get financing to expand inventory for her store, Two Saved Sisters Boutique. The fast financing allowed her to meet shopper demands and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Getting access to financing is a big decision. Business owners today have many options at their fingertips. The true differentiator lies in working with a financing provider that really cares about your business. 

Credibly strives to be that partner for business owners, where an emphasis is placed on providing a transparent, communicative funding process. 

You can learn more about Credibly business financing here.

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