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Financing product:

Merchant cash advance

Use of funds:

Business expansion, payroll, inventory purchasing

Investing In Future Growth

The Real Milk and Honey Cafe uses Credibly business financing to grow their business and create a stellar restaurant experience that keeps customers coming back.

“Your staff Paul Delucia was timely in responding to calls. He kept all his promises, We provided all requested documents and he worked with his team and delivered the loan as promised on the day promised. We counted on Credibly for our loan to keep our business running, and they delivered.”


Owner of The Real Milk and Honey Cafe
Investing In Future Growth

Setting the stage

Founded in 2019, The Real Milk and Honey Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia has cultivated a loyal customer base who frequent the homey establishment known for their brunch-oriented, Southern comfort food. The owner, Joan saw the potential in this popular neighborhood eatery and used Credibly financing time and again to take it to the next level. Credibly financing advisors listened to her needs and helped get the pricing and funds needed to grow her business.

Joan has always been a visionary, seeing endless possibilities and taking action to turn them into reality. When Joan assumed management of The Real Milk and Honey Cafe in 2019, she saw a restaurant that had great food, great foot traffic, and regulars—the dream for any restaurant owner. However, that popularity led to some roadblocks.

A need for financing

The significant increase in rent made it difficult for Joan to continue operations. But what if she owned the building? She could expand her operations and provide a more comfortable space for the people who were waiting. The restaurant’s popular reputation also often caused would-be patrons to wait for food. Lines would form outside of the restaurant and snake around the block. Joan saw that people would be willing to wait for good eats, but could she figure out a way to make that waiting experience more pleasant?

In addition, Joan planned to use financing to purchase more food inventory and equipment, create new menu items, open operations for more days during the week, and hire more staff.

That’s when she decided to look for financing.

“We were able to use Credibly’s capital to help us purchase our building, make sure we weren’t running out of inventory, and made it more comfortable for people while they were waiting.”


owner of The Real Milk and Honey Cafe

The Credibly financing experience

Joan first turned to Google to help her start the research process. She sought business financing from the Small Business Administration, but found that they were slow to respond. She also tried working with her bank, but found that they asked for too many documents and could not meet her timeline. With rent being so high, Joan was under a time crunch to find a way to buy the building where her restaurant operated before the previous owner sold it to another prospective buyer.

Her next round of research led her to a financing broker, which matched her with multiple prospective financing providers, including Credibly. Within 4 hours, Credibly provided Joan a range of financing options and helped her decide that a merchant cash advance was the best fit for her needs.

She ultimately decided to work with Credibly for three reasons:

  1. Reading positive online reviews shared by other business owners
  2. Speaking with financing experts who were communicative throughout the process and responsive to her needs
  3. Finding the best pricing that worked for her business and situation

Joan received a merchant cash advance from Credibly. The quick turnaround from approval to getting funds in her bank account made this an ideal financing option. Unlike traditional banks or the government, the business requirements to get merchant cash advances from alternative financing providers can be better suited to small business owners as well.

Joan received her funds within a business day once she let the Credibly team know how she wanted to move forward. Soon, Joan was able to become her restaurant’s own landlord!

That wouldn’t be the last time she chose to work with Credibly as her financing partner. Joan chose to renew multiple times—she needed a partner who worked with her to get the funds she needed with pricing that worked best for her business.

“Credibly was the only one who came through. It wasn’t lip service. I didn’t have to worry about losing my business.”


owner of The Real Milk and Honey Cafe

Making use of business financing

Joan knew her restaurant was capable of more, but needed the right partner to get her there. Traditional financing sources like banks or SBA loans were not able to give Joan the attention or responsiveness she expected. Credibly’s expert financing advisors worked with Joan to understand her business’s financial history and future goals, helping her get the funds she needed quickly to purchase her building.

With the newly acquired funds from Credibly, Joan was able to improve the waiting experience for patrons by installing comfortable seating arrangements in the waiting area. She was also able to open her restaurant operations from five to seven days a week, hire more staff to accommodate the increased hours, and order more inventory for her business.

Getting financing is a big decision for business owners. With so many things to consider, it can be a daunting process figuring out how to get financing that works to your business’s benefit, not detriment. It’s important to think about what matters most to you and talk it through with a financing expert who will fight to give you the best options.

When you need a responsive lending partner who works with you to get the best financing options for your business, see how Credibly can help.

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